Almond Butter: Healthy and nutritious option for your breakfast

All of us know very well the healthy benefits of almonds, with its richness in various important vitamins, salts and good fats. It isn’t surprising that almond butter is also a better and healthy option in comparison to in details how important is almond butter, its health benefits and process to make almond butter normal butter and other options like peanut butter. In this article, we will see at home.

Usage of almond butter

Almond butter is increasingly used as a breakfast alternative to peanut butter or dairy based butter. Almond spread is used on various breads, and is becoming a popular choice. Almond butter can be added to your usual smoothies. Fruit smoothies with fruits like strawberriesbananas, and berries with almond butter are, for instance, perfect morning tonic drinks. You can also add a teaspoon of almond butter to your protein shakes for an ever more potent energy boosting drink.

Health benefits of almond butter

Almond butter is an ideal source of protein. Protein, we all know are important for muscle formation, tissue regeneration and repair. Eating natural protein like almond butter is especially good for athletes and sports person, as protein takes longer to digest and therefore provides a steadier source of energy during gruelling training schedule and workouts session of sportsperson. We all know, how bad are the protein based supplements with their negative impact on hormone imbalance, digestion system and overall body of an athlete,

Almond butter is rich source of good fats. Almonds are low in saturated fat and high in unsaturated fat and contain various nutrients and phytosterols, whose combination works together to reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood. Thus, almond butter help us in preventing various cardiovascular diseases.

Taking almonds and almond butter regularly helps in losing weight along with fighting other diseases like blood pressure and diabetes.

Almond butter vs. peanut butter – which one is better

Peanut butter is one of the most popular product in nut based butter category. Its market share is close to one-third of all nut based butter market. It has been a staple in the global household for decades. But recent trend has shown that it is losing its share with other variants like almond butter and hazelnut butter.

We will not see the comparison between peanut butter and almond butter, and see who score most in health and nutrition. Is peanut butter healthier than almond butter or is it other way around.

Calories comparison between peanut butter and almond butter

  • Calories in peanut butter (100 gm) – 588 cal
  • Calories in almond butter (100 gm) – 614 cal

This in calories comparison, peanut butter is relatively better choice than almond butter. Although difference is very small, but still it matter for those who are concerned about their waistline.

Healthy fats comparison between peanut butter and almond butter

Nuts, in general, are source of large amount of fat. But as we know that not all fats are bad, so will now look what kind of fat are in peanut butter and almond butter. Both of these nuts are rich in monounsaturated fat, which is a good fat as it reduce chances of cardiovascular disease and improve blood sugar.  A 2-tablespoon serving of almond butter contains roughly 25 percent more monounsaturated fat than the same amount of peanut butter. Also, we need to note that amount of saturated fat in peanut butter is double that of almond butter. Saturated fat is dangerous for cardiovascular disease, as it raises the cholesterol level in body.

So in healthy fats, almond butter is better than peanut butter.

Vitamins and minerals comparison between peanut and almond butter

Vitamin E: Almond butter contains 3 times more vitamin E than peanut butter

Iron: Almond butter contains 2 times more iron than peanut butter

Calcium: Almond butter contains 7 times more iron than peanut butter

As an antioxidant, vitamin E helps stop the development of plaque in your arteries, which can narrow them and eventually cause a heart attack. Calcium supports the health of your bones, and iron is essential for your red blood cells.

Although peanut butter is also a rich source in various vitamins and minerals, but overall it stands a little less than almond butter in this comparison.

Fiber comparison in peanut butter and almond butter

Two tablespoons of almond butter has roughly 3.3 grams of fiber, while 2 tablespoons of peanut butter has just 1.6 grams. Thus almond better has double the fiber content than peanut butter. Fiber help us in maintaining weight and improving our cholesterol level.

Protein comparison between peanut butter and almond butter

Protein is required for building and maintaining muscles.

Per serving protein in almond butter: 6.7 grams

Per serving protein in peanut butter: 7.1 grams

Peanut butter has better protein content than almond butter.

Sugar comparison between peanut butter and almond butter

Both natural peanut butter and almond butter are low in sugar overall. But, the product that we but from stores, it has added sugar. You can do the comparison of sugar when buying. Sugar quantity also influences calorific specification of the product. So, we wise when buying, avoid product with high sugar content.

How to make almond butter at home

What you need: 2 cups of raw and plain almonds (no salt or sugar)


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F
  2. Take a baking sheet, and spread 2 cups of almonds on it. Roast for 15 minutes.
  3. Take these roasted almonds in a food processor, and run it for 5-10 minutes.

It will takes a few minutes for the almonds to release the oils for a creamy nut-butter. Within the first few minutes, you’ll notice a dry, meal-like consistency. Fiber will eventually break down. Store this almond butter in a tightly sealed jar in the refrigerator for up to 3 months.

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